Buy wine online and enjoy tasting the best quality drink in the world

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Food is the vital source for all living organisms the food we eat produces energy to our body which is used to perform all physical and mental activities, the food is digested using special type of enzymes that is formed with help of water and liquid drinks. Both food and drink is important for a human body because without drinks our body cannot retain all temperature levels and cannot able to digest the food substances. There different kinds of drinks present in the world they are brandy, whiskey, wine, beer, scotch, vodka and etc. these drinks are considered as alcoholic but in those drinks wine and beer contains less alcohol. The wine is made using best natural fruits that are cultivated in vineyard, to prepare wine the best quality handpicked grapes are chosen from the garden and it is crushed with clean human feet. Later the juicy grape mixture is stored in barrels and kept underground for many years, during these years the grapes gets fermented and naturally gets alcohol in it. After certain years of time we can enjoy tasting quality wine in the world, to taste such wonderful wine we can buy wine online or we can purchase it in any shopping outlets.

What are benefits of drinking wine?

Many people are avoid drinking wine because they think that wine is a alcoholic drink but the real fact is wine is not alcoholic it contain only traces alcohol content in it so people can drink everyday without feeling guilty. The wine helps to reduce our body’s cholesterol level and also helps us to keep blood pressure level under normal; cancer patients can have a peg everyday to reduce their cancer conditions. It gives glowing skin and wonderful body structure; people can use it as a face mask or can drink as a whole.

Where can we get best quality wine?

The wines are available both in online and offline, to buy wine online we should visit any e-commerce website or reputed wine selling website and can place our order; we can either pay the money during delivery or make payment online. To buy wine in shops we can choose any branded liquor shops and get our favourite wine bottle or we can either visit super markets or airport to find quality wine in town, thus why waiting just go and purchase the high beneficial wines today.              

Roof repairs and maintenance services in Auckland

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Roofs are easily susceptible to get damaged by all types of environmental influences such as rain, heat, wastes and wind. Leaves fallen from the nearby trees are also influenced in the damage of roofs. This led to the premature aging of the roof and affects the visual appearance of the roof. Excessive moisture level resulted by absence of roof slope and improper drainage system are critical factors that affect the roofing system. Some of the other influences are people walking on the top of the roof, animals and high winds. Roof repair service and maintenance service should be considered by the people especially for the flat roof. Even pitched roof should also be maintained by regularly checking the sealants, shingles, attic ventilation, shake and slate. People living in Auckland can hire roof repairs Auckland to obtain roof maintenance and repair services.

Some of the services provided by the roof repairing company are repair services, maintenance services, installing the flat roofs, roof cleaning, steep slope, roof renovations, roof coating, roof restoration, cap flashing, custom roof construction and asphalt shingles. In order to obtain the best services for their roofs, people should hire the service of a best company who have experienced and talented professionals. The professionals should also use the advanced tools and techniques in their methods to provide best services to the customers. People living in Auckland can check the reviews in the internet to choose the best roof repairs Auckland. Bedding and pointing is also one of the service provided by the companies. Clay and concrete tiled roofs have ridge cap in order to keep the roof watertight and waterproof. These capping tiles run on each ridges of the roof line. The bedding and pointing service will re-point the roofs in order to make the tiles water proof. Bedding process refers to mortar used in supporting the ridge capping. The bed gets cracked over certain period of time as the bedding gets shrink. The capping ridges will move as the roof of the building ages and the bind between the capping and bedding deteriorates.

Pointing means a thin combination of cement and colored sand. The purpose of this mix is to bind this to the bedding and mix together with tiles on the roof. Re-pointing is needed when the capping ridges move and the roof has lost its resistance against weather. Some of the roofs get covered by dirt because of the dust particles. The roof cleaning service will help in cleaning the surface of the roofs and remove the settlement of the wastes on the edges of the tiles and other areas. People can hire the service of roof repairs Auckland that offers both commercial and residential roof cleaning services. The expert and professional people can come and analyze the situations of the roof in order to plan for making changes and provide services for the roofs. They will plan and follow the best methods for solving the issues such as roof leaks, replacing the cracked or broken tiles and roof restoration.


Roles of Virtual assistants and advantages of using them

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Virtual assistant is normally a self-employed and provides assistance in administrative, creative or social and professional assistance to clients remotely, mostly from a home office. Virtual assistants act as independent contractors and not as employees. So, the clients are not responsible for the taxes related to the employees or insurance or other benefits. The indirect expenses are included in the fees of a Virtual assistant. Problems related to logistics like providing extra office space, supplies or equipments are avoided by the clients by using their assistance virtually. The virtual assistants are paid for 100% productive works by the clients. Clients can work with them individually or in multi-VA firms in order to meet their actual needs. Apart from working for other small firms or businesses they also support the executives who are busy in order to complete their work. According to estimated survey there is a minimum of 5000-10000 to maximum of 25000 virtual assistants worldwide. The VA job is growing mainly in centralised economies which have “fly-in, fly-out” staffing practices.  The messages are communicated and the data are delivered through communication modes like phone-call conferences, internet and e-mail, fax machine and online workspaces. The virtual assistants are mostly using technologies like Google Voice and Skype. The VA Professionals work on a contractual basis and normally there will be a long-lasting co-operation between them.

Professionals with a minimum of 5 years of administrative experience is expected for positions like office manager/supervisor, executive assistant, secretary, paralegal, legal assistant, legal secretary, information technology, real estate assistant, et cetera.

In the past few years Virtual assistants have also worked in many other mainstream businesses and with the help of latest VOIP services like Skype, the VA professionals are able to answer the phone call or queries through phone call remotely without the knowledge of the end user. This allows many organizations to work without a receptionist and saves the additional cost which is incurred in hiring them. They may be an individual or companies which act as an independent professional.  They provide a wide range of services and products to customers as well as businesses. New people even from other fields are attracted towards the profession as the virtual industry has substantially changed.

Most of the VA professionals have several years of experience which they are earned from the real business environment. A dedicated virtual assistant normally works under the control of management of a company.  The internet connection and all the facilities will be provided by the company.


How to sell a house quick for best value

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People take a decision to sell their house due to some personal reasons like divorce, financial difficulty; relocating and many more suffer from the situation of selling the house very fast. They should choose real estate companies that support them sell their house in a short period when compared to the real estate agents’ usual services. The following details make public about ideas for people to sell their house yet the best value. First, they have to listen to real estate Auckland to know about the current real estate situation. They have to make the appearance of their house more attractive. If the appearance of the property looks bad, potential buyers will refuse to walk through the door. Front gardens must be maintained well. All the windows and door should be newly painted if the paint gets faded. Window boxes and hanging baskets can also help in making the house more presentable.

Even though they have cleaned the front of the house, they should not ignore cleaning the back side of the house. If people do not have time to do all these since they are in tight need of selling the property, they can look for real estate companies in Auckland that support them enhance their property to increase the overall value before they put up for sale on the market.  They can easily sell the property very quickly for better house value when they contact well experienced professionals in the real estate Auckland immediately. One of the next factors that increase the value of the property is cleaning both inside and outside of the house. Since buyers are very nosey, the inside of the property should be clean. They do not want to see the dirty carpets with dust and dirt and a dirty kitchen cupboard. Then take some time to replace the window screen that is ripped. They need to make some small improvements inside the house if it is needed to make the house looks attractive. Buyers will check over the paints and colors of each room. So, the seller should neutralize the rooms with whites and creams to provide blank canvas.

Clutter may discourage the buyers by making the rooms look smaller. So, depersonalize the room by packing the personal collections and family photos. Next pay attention to the bathrooms and kitchen. By cleaning these areas, the value of the house may increase. If you think that you could not have time to do all these things, do not worry. The most successful companies in Auckland nowadays provide these services to support residents save their priceless time. People can choose such companies to sell house fast through the real estate Auckland. They can simply approach real estate professionals to get different quotes for their property from the potential buyers easily. After the seller is ok with the initial offer, the surveyors will visit the house and analyze the condition of the house. The survey result will decide the price of the house. In order to get good value for their house, people must choose the service of a company that provides better offer for their property.

How to improve your life with the help of public trust

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Today, many countries in the world are making everything equal to all of their citizens to give all benefits to all persons. Still, many men, women, and even children are in need to food, dress, and shelter. They are fighting with the society to survive their normal life. The main reason is their poverty and similarly they have no other persons to help them. The children without parents are fighting with the many social problems to survive their daily life. All governments or public organizations are making a Public trust Ngati Paoa Trust  to help such people who are in need of everything. Education is a main need of the small age children to shape their future better. But their poverty will not give them a chance of getting at least basic education. When such children are getting help from the government or private trust, they will get food, shelter, dress, and also education.

Almost all charitable trusts are giving a chance of getting basic education to all children without parents. Most of the public interested people also will have charitable trust to give normal and hopeful life to the needy people. This public charitable trust is typically related to the cause of poverty that spoils the future of the society. Many helpless women, men, and children are in roadsides with the needs of everything. The Public trust of governmental or other organizations give the best opportunities to such helpless people to get at least basic needs to survive their life in the world. Every trust delegate has a moral responsibility to serve a lot of services to the persons in need. The needy people will surely get a greater support with the help of these charitable trusts in their region.

Many millionaires and helpful persons in the different countries are helping these society trusts in the financial form. They are legal donors of the Public trust according to their own interest in helping needy people. Some of the trusts are especially for helping helpless children who have no parents. Such child special charitable trusts are helping children to get their desired education level in a better way. The social trusts are always useful to the needy people to satisfy at least their basic needs to live the life. These public charity trusts are collecting finance from the different donors and then equally spend that money to satisfy all needs of the helpless people.

Tips for hiring the seo service providing company

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Search engine optimization is an essential thing that all the online businesses should have in its website. This service helps in optimizing and customizing the website in order to increase the usage of the site by making it more visible to the internet users. Every creative websites need SEO services. A nice looking site is not enough for the online businesses to make it higher among the competitors. People who are looking for an SEO firm can make use of the following tips in selecting the services of a firm. An SEO firm that occupies best rank in the area is not an important one that the people should work with. Many SEO firms that rank in the top list while searching in Google are not providing the excellent services for the clients. So, it is better for people to search by themselves about the best seo service providing company in the internet. Even it is better to do so after learning what is seo and how it helps website to obtain best rank.

The best SEO services providing firm need not to be a big firm with more number of employees. While looking for best seo firm, bigger does not matter. We could not say that large firms can only provide best services. Even a small seo firm can offer best services with the help of one or two professional and talented people. So, people who need the seo services should search in the internet and compare the reviews of various seo firms. Through this they can able to know about the firm that provides best seo services. The seo firm should have employees that are dedicated in providing the service to the clients. They should know the recent changes made in various search algorithms and they should know the tools and techniques to bring the website of the client to the best ranking position even after the algorithm has changed.

Before approaching the seo firm, people should learn at least some basics about the SEO services such as what will a seo firm do in the site. After learning these things, they should take the decision of choosing the services they needed in the seo services. Some of the services are link removal, one time SEO auditing, reputation management, link building, PPC management, content marketing and many more. If people do not know about these, they can consult with the professional seo service provider and discuss with the things they need from their services. One of the other ways for choosing the seo firm is completely rely on the information provided in the websites. Reviews of various seo firms will be available in various sites. Read those reviews and compare it to choose the best seo firm. Even in the reviews of those firms people may also able to know about the feedbacks of the previous clients of that company. Then they can visit the website of the company and know about the company, services and customer support it provides to the customers.

Discover English teaching opportunities in overseas

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English is a universal language speaking by all people from anywhere of the world. It has now become global language for easily making communication with any person of any cultural basis. At this situation, many overseas nations require English teachers to teach English to their school and college students. The teachers from any country can apply for the Teach English overseas jobs to get the best profession. The men or women who are expert in the English language can easily get this foreign English teacher career option in school or college level. Not all the persons can get this English teacher job easily. The teachers who got the best and qualified certification in the English can attend and get this language career in any abroad nation. Some of the foreign countries are recruiting English professionals to teach language to the corporate workers. Some of the corporate workers from the rural areas do not much familiar with the English. For such people, the English teachers need to teach many language programs for making them experts in the language.

Teach English overseas programs are not new to the students and also corporate professionals. The experienced corporate workers know everything about this program and its necessity to survive a professional life. As a world class language, there is an increasing demand for the English teachers in many abroad countries. Some of the corporate workers or students get the best English language skills and fluency. But some of the school and college students and corporate workers do not much familiar with the language and lagging in fluency. The English language course by the professional English teachers has been helpful to all of them in understanding better about all aspects of English language and its benefits. Many multinational corporate companies, schools, colleges, and international language institutions are always ready to hire English teachers. There are huge demands for the English teachers to teach all about the language. The people who are experts in English language can obtain Teach English overseas job opportunities better.

Some of the English language graduates are looking for the best and permanent jobs, but they are not getting it in their locality. But many overseas countries are having such greater levels of English teaching jobs in many places. Instead of looking English teaching jobs in their countries, looking in abroad countries will have a better scope. Some of the people will get teaching opportunities in schools, colleges, and learning centers. Some of them will get English teaching positions overseas in the working companies. But there are always readily available English teaching jobs in many foreign countries. It is better to search English teaching jobs out of their countries. It will save time, and also give a better choice of job with a good salary benefits. Mostly all learning institutions and companies require certifications, and at the same time some companies do not require certification. Getting English language certification or graduation is better for obtaining real English teaching jobs in their desired country.

Fare away from home

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So far away from home for the first time, take the bus for the first time for such a long time, collective livingaccommodation for the first time, for the first time High school life has given me too much the firsttime. In this big strange city, is it–311, I first found out the feeling of home.


Eight-bed and eight lively and cheerful girl, performing different stories every day, sour, salty, and flavors.


Acidone of my saddest month


School for just one month, sisters who already get along quite well. However, at this moment, I don’t knowwhy, he often left out in rain, talk to either hurt or three infants, caused a whole quarters of public outrage.But the strange thing is, they didn’t mention me, but nearly a month without talking to me. This month, mysad, sad, finally understand what‘s wrong with me. In my efforts of sisters and good again, established aprofound friendship. And I said to rain: what month do you hate me? Rain replied: Yes! That month, Iused to cry because you, you know? You often do not talk to me, often cold shoulder , rain, I waswrong! After that, I won’t do that to you! Rain is an emotional man, a good friend of indifference is one ofher most popular of. On that day, I wrote on the Blackboard this friendship, I will never forget. forever! ”


Sweet the first ever Festival


Today was our first holiday together, we are going to have is awesome. Our House long has spoken, wepromised. It is unfortunate, when the school, school has no power, schools suddenly dark. Everyone iswondering how to have a good Christmas, behold, the school where we eat our calls. Happy, excited, full ofeveryone‘s heart. Back to the hostel in the evening, we immediately come up with prepared apples and toother dormitory asked several of us here love Miss Gao Erxue. We were singing and talking and laughingtogether, and couldn’t be happier. Sometimes we sang together, sometimes quiet and surprisingly heardsomeone sing. After a while, rang lights out, alas! Go back home! Then the door teacher came, thinkingshe would criticize us, but she walked in the first sentence is Merry Christmas! We took me up to her anApple. In this way, the laughter, we had our first holiday!




Mid-term exam passed, progress was made in the dormitory, also have their ‘s. For a few days, three son islost, How about this amount. … “ Don’t despair, three sons, and I helped you! There‘s two elder sisters,good third son also endeavour, under her hard, scores have made great progress. End of term exams,she had a week off to go home to review. Every night, she‘s going to give us at least an hour or so and asksome questions. Hard work pays off, and she has made a lot of progress at the end of the time. Look in theeyes, with a smile on one.


Spicy-the horror


That evening, bending over my homework on the bed I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet, bed, seeXiaoqian sleeping on the bed on the opposite side (face) is very strange, he called three son not yetsleeping. She had a look, pulled out his cellphone to say take a picture. The light is bad, girl, desk lamps.I put the lamp back in and said, I‘ll do lighting technicians. Light just took over, three son holding thephone looking for angles, Xiao Qian suddenly opened his eyes, two of my three scares. Girl, I am scared to and San son, I was scared, too. A few seconds, Xiao Qian was rolled over to go to sleep again. Me, andthree sons, sigh


Salt military training


Military training every Saturday morning for a long time before you can go home. Is not, right?! Oh, Oh! Daily Sun, in the Sun, we have to stand junzi stood for 40 minutes, sweat drop by drop However,turned around to see roommate‘s sister and son, each holding on, there is nothing to be afraid of it?Survived several morning finally arrived last half a day, the result, it began to rain. The instructor asked uswas to continue training, but back to the class break, we answered in unison: continue to train.


In this way, through the ups and downs, UPS and downs, eight female hearts, it is so tied together. In fact,happiness, it‘s that simple. And their friends through thick, thin, despite the unpleasant, but remember, it isalways so happy!!


Alas! Winter finally passed, the countdown . The six-day!!!!!

Dream town mall

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Dream town is always mysterious and ethereal, with a natural and fresh, but it also makes peopleunpredictable shrouded in a layer of sadness. From an early age, I dreamed of going to town, searching itattracted me has always been the place.


That day, my father brought back photos in Fenghuang, xiangxi. Black and white houses, youyuan lined theriver sits like a woman, people quietly marching to witness ancient slate, so nonchalant pictures, deeplytouched my heart. That day, my father gave me back a copy of Shen Congwen’s border town, Cha Dongrustic folklore, Misty Love, deepened my yearning for the old town.


Until this summer, I went to the town of shaxi. The July Sun makes me open her eyes, sweat dripping downher face kept still stop me curious about town. When when I step into the sand Creek, but backed out, thisis not something I find town. Feet not vicissitudes of quartzite, but covered with little Moss and rough stoneblocks. There is also a small River through the town, but it is not clear the Ribbon, but garbage floatingsewage. Springing up in the roads of the ancient building, is just covered with cobwebs and thick dustcondition. I am more disappointed that when when I crossed in the strips of the lane, he heard the cries ofhawkers and noisy. I was silent, and this is what I have been looking for?


Gray down. I was wandering aimlessly, happened across a quiet side streets, in front of a small stone bridge.Standing on a stone bridge looked around, the eye, it is a different story. White wall tiles is a bit against thegrey sky ink smell, Willow leaning and standing quietly by a small bridge. But the River was filled with adeep sense of sorrow. I looked at it as if the tear-filled rivers, thought for a long time. At that moment,Sandy Creek, I can see your soul. When the economic benefits spread in your life, you are forced togradually change, yet you don’t complain, never gave up, still trying to save the historical traces of residueand still hold on to show you pure beauty.


Finally, I read the town‘s grief. When I was leaving when I turned to you smiles, you smile, clean-shavenwith sorrow.

quit company

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How to join the company, until now is a mystery, perhaps a miracle.


This is a well-known of foreign, and I, three flow University graduated, English General, looks flat, originally is poor rhetoric of people, in heard died Dang Xiaofei said foreign personnel how how complex, slightly not watch will off into trap and so Hou, more is silence not language, immersed toil, fortunately Cindy is a peace type boss, usually on I temperature mild and of, I for himself of lucky secretly heart Hi, thought even I everything than others, at least work good.


Phillips said that silence does not mean stupid. I follow her teachings, learn to read, remember that eachcolleague‘s character. Mary was eager and energetic; Peter serpent, nasty; Gigi several Secretaries beautifulis often gorgeously accompanied the Manager to participate in a variety of all kinds of cocktail party In fact, I just a little Assistant, and none of them have a conflict of interest, do not want to mess with them.


I note that there is only one person, Ray.


He is seven years older than me, master of returnees, tall, handsome, humorous, generous, from the field tothe Shanghai HQ, big boss introduced himself, indicating much-valued, such a man who is not temptedyet?


I did a little girls dream, in your work under the disguise of secretly watched him enter Cindy‘s Office andexpect them to turn around and see the other side of the glass, he was laughing, gestures are all caught myeye, and I was fascinated, but care must be taken to cover up.


Office romances are not allowed, this unrequited love will just get you laughed at.


In fact, companies, small like me, there is no chance to say a Word to him. His feud with Cindy and hearts,respectively, I am Cindy hired, not knowing if he would send me a Cindy? But I think I probably are not good enough for him to notice me is which faction.


Competition is so fierce in the foreign companies, performance depends on your position and the right tospeak.


Mars is the son of the big boss, General Manager, Ray and the relationship is very good. Recently, thecompany is seeking Taiwan Jada most products distributorship, specified want Ray to help big boss,General Manager of the new principal, Ray and Red people, every now and then there will always be peopletalking about him in the company.


I love him love so hidden, no one will see it. But as long as where his voice, his name, I can’t help but atheart a flutter. I looked up to see, he and Gigi them talking and laughing.


Ray is the red one in the company, but I like the transparent company. Phillips to eliminate the Iraqi peoplecould not bear to see me languish, he advised me to change the image, the mood may be better, goodluck.


I have followed Phillips‘s point, straight loose hair, glasses 500 degrees into invisible, learn to wear a pastelsuit, not very high heels, had a busy day, she finally looked at me with satisfaction, and don’t think I evenhooked Ray, also are attracted to other people.


My new image because Cindy‘s sentence: you are so beautiful! While also attracting little response, Gigisays, Vivian was like an OL.


But in the eyes of Ray, I am a humble person after all. Perhaps he didn’t notice me, no comparison at all,maybe he thinks I don’t matter don’t need polite. Anyway, is all about.


On that day, had eight, I’m in the company did not go. Because Cindy handed me the job I haven’t, I’vealways wanted to step back to get things done to make up for his lack in other areas.


Unexpected is called ray will come back, his voice in a hurry, didn’t ask who I was, and only ever saw a copyof the contract on his desk.


I have seen, understandably, wants to send to him.


He has been waiting anxiously at the door of the hotel, took over the contract from my car to him off ofme, as if it just for a second time, as he was going inside, one side says something behind my: thankyou.


The past six months, for the first time to talk to him, but he didn’t see me in the eye.


The next day, I am still collating information, next to some booing, voices are getting closer.


Hats off to you Ray o, can always get high so quickly.


So, this project is successful, will rise higher.


Yesterday was a colleague of the company help his voice has been drowned, and farther away fromme.


In fact I am not far from his place, but he probably knew who I was yesterday.


I know love is luck, but my luck just enough to let me meet him, and then just looked at him, looked at himto me.


I heard something from Gigi their mouth wind, Jada‘s high total has long planned to cooperate with us that day, had previously been tried to test our sincerity, our efficiency make him quite satisfied with the results,then suddenly announced that they will sign the contract.


Vivian, you helped Ray much, he‘ll thank you.


Yes, may take you to dinner, dancing Vivian can you dance?


But Gigi is wrong, they say, he is to ask all colleagues to dinner, just me. He took the glasses came and said,who, I would just like to say thank you. Then in one gulp, and Yang.


He did not know my name.


I suddenly wanted to leave, turned around to put down the glass, but ran into a wall of flesh of wearing asuit, looked up and saw amazing Mars turns out to be the General Manager. I watched helpless, Gigi whoastonished look pale. Mars smiled and asked me if I was uncomfortable with interest, I pleaded thathomeopathy has a headache, just wanted to find excuses to escape.


I has gradually heart died, oblivious, so I no note to I of table Shang occasionally will appeared of a branch rose spent, a package Switzerland of or Hong Kong of chocolate and usually everyone has copies of has what not as, days in I of inadvertently between quickly to had has two months, company of anniversary ball, Mars please I Dang partner, I again unprepared, Gigi were again turn pale.


I accepted, perhaps this was an order, and I see no reason to deny, my dancing is not good, but Marsdoesn’t seem to mind, he said, never seen girls will only work like you, indifferent as good as nothing. Hiseyes were full of smiles.


He was enjoying me? But I just noticed that Ray‘s sister looming on the dance floor with the General Manager, talking and laughing.


Four a people sat in together of when, they three people in talked about France which year of wine compared mellow, China of wine in European of sales situation etc, I wants to I drink had minimum funding of beverage just coffee, also is that dissolved of, so Word also didn’t said, but Ray is suddenly on I talk has: “Vivian,Mars will is happy see you also in of. ”


They say a party weekend, he encouraged me to join Mars.


He finally knew my name is Vivian, because Mars after Vivian.


Phillips is right, although I am crazy to Ray, but I lost to someone else, I’m fascinated by Mars.


As long as he is free in the evening, he will ask me to advanced France restaurant, Sophie Marceauattended Film Festival premiere, attending the private party, all I want to dare to think where I might have achance to try, but I’m no excitement at all.


I like to eat fried rice noodles, usually buy Andy Lau movie DVD to watch and hate crowded places, howmuch we are different.


Phillips called me stupid, sometimes it with bread cannot coexist. You‘re a real-life Cinderella!


However, Cinderella and the Prince are really in love!


I can’t seem to stay away in the Office, Gigi they talking about just me and Mars,Ray and Mars‘s sister, Icannot manage to stay, I didn’t feel on Mars, there is still very concerned about Ray.


Another tune with my party, Ray and sister of Mars up into pairs, envy, I stood next to Mars, hear the soundof my heart, was behind the big boss and his wife looked at me cold.


Mars is finally vindicated and asked if I like it or not.


Perhaps in love so that you like is not like you, you don’t like people to notice you, but one that you like theperson who happens to like you, apart from luck, you are incapable of it.


I told Mars this sentence, then I quit


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Jianhu Lake middle school student who died so suddenly, without any warning. When the news of theordinary night in when we started school, we were speechless, feeling dead on this very sensitive words all around us all the time. Our bedroom that night couldn’t sleep. The unfortunate man was Ma Yujiaoclassmates, none of us dared imagine such a static distance people so far away from us. Die. Consent of thegood terrorist, who doesn’t know when they will die. Perhaps we are lucky, but this is not the death does not take away our reason. As far as destiny, Huron justice.


Today is the day school holiday, and joy in my heart, upon the outbreak of unbelievable things happened inthe car. A familiar terrorist gunfire hit the car of sleeping people. Door glass is broken, broken sobeautiful. Everyone knew it was gunfire, but no one dared ask, who did not want to say the word. In fact,everyone on the bus is very clear. Just can’t face the truth. Play it cool, but the fear on his face betrayedstrong. We were the lucky ones, was not injured. But the mind has been shocking. The word death again. Iclearly see that she is so near to us. He‘ll be taking a fragile life, whether young, or is sick.


Friend, please try to think like this, one minute you‘re laughing with someone else before, the next moment,there will be no more you. You might also be wondering, you have in this beautiful world, exist for you? Do you have any proof that you came into this world, has had relatives, friends; please leave your message,your smile. Only the graves of a photograph, please? If that was too funny!


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I asked the sky: what is happiness? Blue sky told me: happy is a blue heart to include the entire earth, tosee people happy, I will be happy.


I have asked the sea: what is happiness? The sea told me: happy is busy with a broad mind to healhumanity. Let them feel the broad peace, I will be happy.


I once asked: what is happiness? Tell me: happiness is with a patient‘s heart to face everything, only noregrets for human sacrifice and what made them happy, I will feel a lot of warmth!


Happiness is the inclusion, is a comfort, is given, is dedication. Real happiness is not necessarily have had thebrilliant, once the glory, has a catchy title. Sometimes it might feel sadbecause no good things with his life.Only continue to fight, continue to feel life is beautiful after all, allow yourself to feel the pleasure! In fact,happiness is everywhere. With nothing but a Merry heart to face everything, man‘s life is going to be happy!

Chance to watch big mall

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Some people didn’t get a chance to see, until a chance meeting, but hesitated, meeting is inferior to disappear.


Didn’t get a chance to do some things, and have the opportunity, but doesn’t want to do it again.


There‘s something buried in the hearts for a long time, didn’t get a chance to say, and say when, but notsay it.


Some never had a chance to love, and have the opportunity, and didn’t believe in love.


Some people have plenty of opportunities to meet, but always look for excuses, to see when there‘s nochance.


Some words have plenty of opportunities to say, but later, when it came to say, has no chance.


There are many opportunities to do some things, but one day delayed, wants to do and all I see no chance.


Love gives you a lot of opportunities, but don’t care don’t care and want to pay attention to when therewas no chance to love.


Or you give up a lot, they don’t care, maybe used to be in love.


Sometimes in life, always ironic.


Turn may be a thief.


Say forever, somehow broke.


Finally had thought himself was not sure was what separated from each other.


Then you suddenly wake up and feelings turned out to be so vulnerable.


Don’t believe in love, the unexamined life.


Maybe just anger, maybe it’s just little things.


Fantasizing about the sweetness of reconciliation or reunion hug, will edge tears hugged each other at thattime, still giggling.


This is a beautiful picture.


Didn’t expect it to be, a lifetime.


Thus, each have their own life, to love others.


Used to love is now irrelevant.


Even in the same small town, never to meet again.


A moment in one day, walking down the same street, couldn’t see each other.


Sigh, then was helpless.


Perhaps you are happy, because finding another suitable person.


Maybe you are not happy, because only the people in your life would be really hard on you, or do you puteverything in that person.


Once upon a time, no other news, also did not think of this person, but also don’t want to think about, did not dare to think.


Time has passed, nothing will be left, wants to stay, stay, go, go. There are some things you can’t, even ifyou run out of life.

Rain mall

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Rain drop down, the scent in the air mixed with the soil. Since then, is already falling leaves outside the window,the cold breath of autumn will they roll up their. However, after the wind, leaves fall silent, at dusk, peoplesigh, it was getting dark, and dead leaves floating on the River, quiet, with the river ripples drifting away


Morning mist hangs over the land like a veil, wild geese flying over my head, quack sounds is not verypleasant, but it also can be heard which delight, gusts of wind blew fog gradually faded, warm sun filled thewhole earth, dresses up the autumn scenery is particularly impressive.


In autumn, the slight chill in the air, Gao and pleasant climate better suited to learning and hard work, evenwithout a thriving scene of spring, no vibrant summer, winter‘s gently poetic, but also full of autumnchanges as fast as downtown.


Autumn mirror is fine, but in my eyes, but it is sad, with a touch of melancholy and sadness, leaves fallingwith the wind on the ground, the rustling of people stepping on it That leaves you? Also is drying upand it’s a broken heart? And I, only to see litter clumps of trees, lonely left the Sun, head down, because hedidn’t want to see it going past sunset.


Autumn has arrived, and so can winter be far behind? I thought I was doomed to defeat, I only looked at amemory the moment slipped away from my eyes, under the rain, playing on people‘s cheeks, a round full ofrain clouds, moving slowly lower the air, autumn is certainly sad, but I learn to be strong and fight!

Future mall

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For you, my dearest.


Time will make us grow old, without success.


I by hopes of happiness, is not you always accompanied in I side, but let I really real are feel to you of exists; I by hopes of happiness, does not requirements you can do of has more good, but let I feels to you of warm; I by hopes of happiness, not needs many of sweet, not needs so-called of vows, but needs you accompany I lifetime go down, not away from not abandoned.


Walking down the street, listening to strange music, watching strange scenery and familiar way, familiarpeople, my heart just felt lost.


Had been waiting for the so-called familiar or familiar with their own people, but he has not yet come.


Perhaps, when he came, and left in a second, I never saw what he had in mind, does not understand why hewas leaving.


I think that if we can accommodate you all willful and bad-tempered person is the one who really loves younow! But we always remembered that have missed the scenery.


I desire very much to heart to look outside, listening to familiar songs, look at familiar still at his side.


Suddenly, one day I finally pulled out a bound heart and found that apart from the shadows only memories.Very pale memories, it made me feel very cold, never had the pain.


Memories are always so sad, stifled, he suddenly seems to be far, does not belong to me. World in my eyes,but it breaks my heart.


The most romantic thing I can think of, is to grow old with you. Past picturesque pulled me into what Ican’t accept the fact. Makes me feel like I was so far away from you. Wait until dark, fireworks will not betoo perfect


It’s hard for me to imagine the future without you by my side, am I going to slowly go down, right now Ifeel very cold, I don’t know where you are, listening to how songs, watching how the scenery.


Think one of these days, you can go back to my side, and I went to watch the spectacular fireworks, thinksomeday we could hold hands and run. Want you can listening to the familiar songs, looking at the familiarsight.


Wish you could come with me to look at the sea of sunrise and sunset, thinking of you at this time is on myside, only this.


I hope, I feel frustrated, sad, sad time, appeared next to me is you.


When it‘s cold, think you are here beside me, feel warm at numerous night time, think you‘re by my side, itfeels are illuminated by thousands of lights.


Happy was travel, is the reason why all happy to run into you, because you made me feel this way everexisted. You, I believe you won’t go. Close your eyes and feel that you, too, and I’m watching the samestory, all count the lives of perfect and imperfect ending, this is to be happy.


Tears were dried, young love, and who I’m sorry who? At a time when we are young, we are also unable tocommit themselves to the future, we love hard, then separated. To blame it on we have no control over thislife. We always do this, grow up in hurt, and slowly learn to be strong. So we, in the days of his youth,missed each other by flowering.


In the later days, I saw no longer pained, when when I saw you, the heart in tears with a smile on her face,and I learned to disguise himself, pretending to care not sad, at this moment, do you feel pain? Was themost beautiful scenery in the beginning, wishing I could go back to square one, listening to the familiarsongs, look at familiar people, laughing, no trace of the little sad

Hello world!

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